Cap Construction

Cap Construction

Lace Front Cap - Lace in front, wefts at back, it is with three combs and adjustable strape. it can be worn in glueless way.

There are two kinds of lace front caps in our stocks, one is with front 4.5” lace in front, another one is with larger lace 5.5" size, which will make the wig more natural on you.

lace front wig cap


Glueless Full Lace Cap - Full lace cap are made of all lace, front 6" are normal lace, back are stretch lace, the full lace wig can be parted anywhere, the most natural looking wig cap. it is with three combs, ear tabs and adjustable strape at back. It is easy to wear it in glueless way.

full lace wig cap


360 Wig Cap - It is not full lace, not lace front, it is with 360 degree lace. 360 wig cap is with 4"-4.5" lace in front, 1"-1.5" lace at back, it is with wefts at top, with this 360 lace wig you can have many versatility in styling options. 

360 frontal wig cap



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